Adobe Lightroom Available for Pre-order

Adobe Systems, Inc. announced on Monday that their Lightroom photography software is out of beta and immediately available for pre-order.

Adobeis Lightroom is a software tool that operates on RAW camera images and allows the photographer to have detailed control over the image parameters such as white balance, color saturation, and sharpness. Lightroom assists with the management and workflow associated with handling large numbers of images.

"Photoshop Lightroom includes new functionality added since beta 4.1, with significant changes to the Library and Develop modules complementing improvements to the Slideshow, Print and Web components," according to Adobeis statement.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom went through a 12 month beta test period with over 500,000 photographers participating. It is considered a competitor to Appleis Aperture software.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is expected to ship in mid-February with an introductory price of US$199 through April 30th.