Adobe Pledges OS X Support

When Apple announced over the weekend that some 10,000 developers were working on OS X applications, one prominent name was missing from the list: Adobe. While Adobe had been one of the first companies to pledge support for OS X when Apple first demonstrated the product last year, the company has been silent regarding their OS X plans since then.

Until today.

Adobe has vowed support for Mac OS X by announcing that they plan to offer, "OS X support in the next major release," of most of their products, including Photoshop, GoLive, and Illustrator. According to Adobe:

Adobe software and Mac OS X
Adobe supports the direction Apple is taking with Mac OS X. Appleis new operating system promises to ultimately deliver a powerful desktop platform with enhanced stability and reliability for the Macintosh customer.

Currently, most of Adobeis software products do not offer native Mac OS X support. Adobe plans to support Mac OS X native mode in future releases of our flagship products, beginning with Adobe Acrobat Reader? 5.0.

We will continue to update our customers, partners, and the press on the status of our products running on Mac OS X, both in Classic and native modes. For specific information on a particular Adobe application, including performance levels, click on the appropriate link at left.

You can find more specific information on Adobeis OS X plans for all of their major products at the Adobe Web site.