Adobe Type Collection Features More Than 2,900 Typefaces

Monotype Imaging on Tuesday released the Adobe Type Collection, OpenType Edition, which features more than 2,900 typefaces, including over 400 new ones. OpenType fonts are Mac and Windows compatible and offer such features as the ability to access alternate characters without switching to a new font and intelligent character substitution.

The Adobe Type Collection offers fonts from the Helvetica, Adobe Garamond, Frutiger, Gill Sans and ITC Stone families, as well as fonts designed by Matthew Carter, Adrian Frutiger and others. Display designs include the ITC Avant Garde Gothic and Graphite families, while the script selections include the Caflisch Script and Snell Roundhand families.

The Adobe Type Collection is US$4,999 for a 10-seat license and $8,499 for a 20-seat license.