Adobe's Bruce Chizen: Adobe CS 3 to Debut By Mid-2007

During an interview with Forbes magazineis Danit Lidor, Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen revealed that Adobe Creative Suite (CS) 3 will ship during the second quarter of 2007. The company has previously said that Universal Binaries of those applications wonit be available until the next major iteration of the suite is released.

In its coverage of the news, Macworld UK also cited a blog post by Adobe engineer Scott Byer, who explained that his company canit easily pull the Photoshop code into Appleis Xcode programming environment and do a simple recompile of it. They use Visual Studio and Metrowerks, and he has found that Apple doesnit have a version of Xcode "that handles a large application well."

While Apple handled the transition to PowerPC processors with some engineering tricks that made the switch relatively painless, Adobe doesnit have an easy workaround this time, Mr. Byer noted. As a result, he said, the company believes it is "far better to focus on making sure Photoshop CS3 is able to absolutely squeeze every ounce of power out of what Iim sure will be pretty spankini Intel-based towers by that point than to do tons of work moving an old code base to new tools."