Adventure Central: New Tomb Raider Sequel Trailer, More

Every week, Vern Seward takes a look at Appleis latest offerings at the QuickTime Trailer site, letting your know whatis new.

Donit you just love a good adventure? Weire talking seat-of-your-pants, bullet dodging, car chasing, exotic locating adventures where the good guys are beautiful people, the bad guys have scars and cool, yet despicable, names, and the world gets saved from some unspeakable evil one more time.

Yeah, baby!

There are several new movies coming that should satisfy your thirst for thrills.

The cast: Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton, Mos Def, Seth Green, Jason Statham (The Transporter). Beautiful people, check.

The location: Rome and Los Angeles. Exotic Location, thatis a push.

Car Chases: Mini Coopers and motor cycles doing 90mph through the L.A. aqueducts. Yeah, we got car chasing.

The movie? The Italian Job. The trailer is three minutes long and is a lot of fun.

Need more adventure? How about a trailer featuring the Queen of Adventure, Laura Croft? Yep, Angelina Jolie is back as your favorite buxom, gun packing babe in Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. You got your chases, you got your exotic locales, you got your pretty people, and you got your basic world-saving heroics. What more could you want?

How about some in-laws who work for the Law but may be outlaws? In The In-Laws, Michael Douglas is an FBI agent whose son marries Jerry Peyseris, played by Albert Brooks, daughter. Jerry gets unwillingly sucked into international intrigue and espionage. Itis Meet the Parents from a different angle.

If you want something completely different you might try Better Luck Tomorrow. What if you had a group of A students whoive decided that there must be more to life than acing a test of differential equations. Whatis interesting and a bit disturbing is that there are likely real-life versions of the teens in this movie.

OK, enough movie trailer fun for one week. If you havenit already, you should check out the latest AniMatrix short film; A Detective Story. Good stuff.