Aestiva Announces NET-anywhere

Aestiva has announced NET-anywhere. The idea is to run a Web site on any hardware from any place. According to Aestiva:

Aestiva announced a new initiative this week, called NET-anywhere, dedicated to giving Web developers the ability to develop dynamic Web sites once, on one kind of hardware, and deploy anywhere.

Aestiva is opposed to large software companies who design their Web strategies around monopolistic legacy architectures. Such efforts result in development and product costs that are so high only the richest corporations can participate.

Aestivais NET-anywhere initiative opens the door to the development of high-end Web-based products priced for the small business market. Aestivais development platform, HTML/OS, is built around a NET-anywhere architecture. It features a built-in cross-platform Web database engine and support for Web-based product packaging.

Products developed with HTML/OS run without modification on almost any kind of server. Even in shared hosting accounts. Despite the hundreds of possible hardware configurations, products take only minutes to install.

Aestivais NET-anywhere initiative focuses on three efforts now underway:

  1. Continued development of Aestiva HTML/OS on a NET-anywhere architecture. Applications created on one platform can be deployed on any other - like HTML documents.
  2. Proving the speed and power of NET-anywhere architecture. Aestiva recently announced four new products on its Web site, all built with HTML/OS. The products deliver enterprise quality while being affordable for small businesses. The products are fine examples of what Web developers can do with a NET-anywhere architecture.
  3. Developing new tools to help independent programmers build their own Web-based products. Aestiva actively works on reducing the development time needed to learn, develop and deploy software for the World-Wide-Web.

You can find more information about NET-anywhere at Aestivais site.