Aestiva & Tenon Announce Bundle Package For SysAdmins

Aestiva and Tenon Intersystems announce the release of four Aestiva Web site applications anyone can add to a Web site to give it more functionality. The applications are LiveHelp, HelpMate, Tell-A-Friend and Knowledge Base. According to Aestiva and Tenon:

They will be shipping with iTools 6.0 from Tenon for operation on Macintosh OS X and will be available for other platforms including Linux, Sun Solaris, and Windows. The add-ons offer advanced technology and are fully point-and-click so they can be used by anyone wishing to improve their site.

The products give businesses affordable access to sophisticated Web-site components too costly to develop in-house. The products allow businesses to build Web sites that compete effectively against those with enterprise budgets.

The new applications are an outgrowth of Aestivais "NET-anywhere" initiative. Launched late last year, NET-anywhere is a campaign dedicated to the principle that Web software should run at any internet hosting provider, with any kind of Web server and be easy to install.

LiveHelp is a pop-up chat window that is added to a Web site to provide live technical support and/or sales support services. HelpMate adds "popup help" windows to a site. Tell-A-Friend is a marketing component designed to help visitors instantly spread the word about a Web site. Knowledge Base allows one to add a searchable database to a site.

The products include point-and-click administration and include free installation help so outside technical assistance is not needed.

Tenonis iTools Web server suite for Appleis new operating system, Mac OS X, is a turn-key package that makes it easy for webmasters to set up and support sophisticated network servers.

All of the new products feature advanced Aestiva HTML/OS technology.

iTools with Aestiva applications will be available this February (the current version costs US$495) and you can find more information about iTools and Aestiva HTML/OS at their respectives Web sites.

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