After Splitting Hardware-Software, Palm Comes Out Swinging

Feeling its oats after moving its software unit into a separate division, Palm takes a jab at Microsoft. According to a Reuters News Article, by Franklin Paul, Palm now feels as if it is more ready to do battle now, after splitting off its software unit, to retain its dominate position in the palm device world. This from the article:

...But Nagel, president and chief executive of Palmis OS group, said Pocket PC devices are far more pricey and plump than users need.

"Frankly, the truth of the matter is that they (Pocket PC devices) are much bigger and more expensive products because the operating system is bloated," Nagel told Reuters in an interview. "It has a lot of stuff that is a holdover from the PC days that simply is not necessary in the enterprise or anywhere else."

The article goes on to say that Microsoft does indeed intend to be the dominate player in the palm device market, and that they (MS) believes it offers people a choice between the sparity of the Palm and the feature richness of Pocket PC devices. This from the article:

So far, Microsoft, which holds about 20 percent of the market to Palmis more than 50 percent, has been patient. Experts say the company has steadily grown its share in the PDA market, and can continue to do so slowly leveraging its relationships with corporations who already depend on Windows in the workplace.

"Weive taken a fundamentally different approach than Palm," said Ed Suwanjindar, product manager for Microsoftis mobility group. "The choice is between simplicity and ability. The choice is do you want a basic day planner or do you want to do more? We are betting that people want to do more."

Check out the full article, titled "Palm Software CEO Talks Tough on Microsoft Rivalry" at Reuters News site.