Agfa Updates Scanner Drivers For Mac OS X

Agfa has updated their Fotolook Scanner drivers for Mac OS X. The Fotolook 3.6 drivers incorporate a full range of OS X technologies including ColorSync. Agfa owners will now be able to use their scanners natively under Mac OS X. According to Agfa:

Agfa Upgrades Fotolook Scanner Driver For Mac OS X - Scanning Software Takes Advantage Of OS X Benefits.

Agfa announced the release of Fotolook 3.6. The new scanning software, available now in beta version, is the first to provide full compatibility with Mac OS X. Fotolook 3.6 integrates with ColorSync, Apple Computer?s system-level colour management software. The new scanning software chooses optimised scanner settings automatically to produce a high-quality image on the first pass. The software also allows Agfa scanners to integrate easily into multi-platform environments. Fotolook 3.6 was designed to provide complete system compatibility as well as improved image capture and reproduction. According to Peter Verhulst, Agfa?s director of marketing for Consumer Digital Imaging, because the new Mac operating system was redesigned completely with an emphasis on imaging, Agfa developed a native OS X scanning solution so users could realise the benefits of the operating system?s speed, colour capabilities and quality levels.

You can find more information about the Fotolook drivers for OS X at the Agfa Web site.