Aimster Taking The World By Storm (Updated 10:00 AM)

AIM, Napster, look out...there is a new kid in town. Based on the Internetis most popular chat standards, and offering a file sharing service for such things as MP3is (like Napster), Aimster offers the best features from a variety of different worlds. Aimster users can chat and IM using the most common IM formats, including AOL Instant Messenger, Napster, MSN, and ICQ. Aimster also allows users to share files, including the ever popular MP3is, but without the need for a central server, and with much greater control over who has access to your files. While no Macintosh version is yet available, Aimster developers claim to be working on one. According to Aimster:

Aimster integrates with your instant messaging service to provide you with the ultimate file sharing tool. With Aimster you can:

  • Aim for the hotest files on AOL, Gnutella, and MSN
  • Aim for the files that your AOL buddies recommend
  • Aim your own files only to be shared with your buddies
  • Change the way Aimster looks with Aimster skins

While no Mac version is yet available, Aimster does have a contact link for Macintosh news and questions. A reader also wrote to tell us that there is a questionnaire for Mac users on the Aimster site, another sign that the idea of an Aimster for Mac client is at least being kicked around. You can find more information at the Aimster web site.