Aireo 2 Beats Out iPod in Men's Health Tech Guide Top 100

As far as the technology reviewers at Menis Health magazine are concerned, the Apple iPod is already passe and wireless digital media players are the iini thing as the SoniqCast Aireo took top honors in its 100 favorite hi tech products for 2005.

The Menis Health Top 100 tech products is one of the most complete reviews of high tech toys available just in time for the Christmas buying season. Although the magazineis editors have posted only selected top products on its Web site, The Mac Observer has seen the entire list, of which many Apple products are prominent throughout.

Appleis G5 iMac came in at number 11 with the Menis Health reviewers saying, "Apple got it right this year, creating a supersvelte all-in-one (PC) that takes up 25% less desk space than the previous Mac...Apple makes it look so easy...again."

As its 100th favorite product, the AirPort Express is "the simplest way to stream MP3s", Menis Health reviewers wrote.

But the magazineis reviewers specifically pushed the iPod to the back of the pack, placing it in 78th position, saying Appleis recent upgrades were all "Botox". Written before Apple introduced the iPod photo, the review still stands strong in its criticism of the portable device having no WiFi capability.

Saying "weive fallen hard" for the SoniqCast Aireo Wireless MP3 player, Menis Health reviewers placed it 5th.

The Aireo wireless MP3 player beat out the Apple iPod in the Menis Health 100 tech products based on 802.11b capability alone.

"Itis clearly the future of MP3s, so much so that we have to think Apple, iRiver, and others are reverse-engineering (their products) as we write this," reviewers wrote.

The Aireo 2 will be available in the second quarter of 2005, but SonicCast has not revealed what third-party company will be selling it under their own name. It has also not revealed a retail price for the product. The original Aireo MP3 player is sold under the SonicCast name, but does not have WiFi capability.

Other interesting picks included Sony Location Free TV as the number one product, which can stream live TV, music or photos from a base station, through the Internet, to a 7- or 12.1-inch wireless LCD screen anywhere in the world. In 20th spot is the Sony Ericsson S710a Cameraphone, and in 22nd spot, the Tivoli Sirius Radio.