Aladdin CEO To Be Featured On MacOS Radio

This weekis episode of the MacOS Radio show will feature Aladdin CEO, Jonathan Kahn. Mr. Kahn is scheduled to discuss Aladdinis new product, Power Ticker, along with the entire line of other great Aladdin products. According to MacOS Radio:

One of the truly cool people in the Mac industry, Aladdin CEO Jonathan Kahn, will be the featured guest on the MacOS Radio Network this week. The broadcast, which airs live at 7pm EDST on Monday, September 25, will feature Jonathan talking about PowerTicker, Aladdinis new market monitoring software as well as the entire Aladdin product line.

Also, beginning this week, MacOS Radio will begin devoting part of each show to discussing the migration from MacOS 9 to MacOS X. This weekis installment will focus on the changes in the directory structure and how long time Mac users without Unix experience can avoid confusion when making the change to OS X.

Acknowledging again that demand for access to the MacOS Radio Network has far outstripped supply, MacOS Radio President Duane Burghard said to expect "a major announcement" regarding the increase of bandwidth available to the show, "very soon."

"Without question, the number one complaint we hear from our listeners regards access. We had planned to wait before increasing the bandwidth to our Streaming Server, but the show has grown faster than anticipated and, in order to service our customer base we *must* take action faster than we originally planned," he said.

Burghard declined to give an exact date for the expansion but said the improvement would at least "quadruple" the number of simultaneous listeners. He further said that the deciding factor for the timing of the change would not be money related but rather based on how quickly the telecommunications industry in the companyis area could respond to their request. Finally, he said MacOS Radio would make an official announcement as soon as a date is "carved in stone."

The Robert Llewellyn interview on September 11 was a huge success! It was also, for many listeners, a disaster. Mr. Llewellynis popularity was so great that the interview, as feared, literally shut down the ISP in use by MacOS Radio for the duration of the live taping. As a result, the MacOS Radio staff "looped" the interview and played it continually on the live page until the regular broadcast that evening.

The broadcast is already the 3rd most listened to show in the brief history of the MacOS Radio Network (after less than 2 weeks).

But listener demand for the "uncut" version of the interview has remained consistent, so the MacOS Radio Network has posted the original, unedited version of the interview on its "Bonus Materials" page. The interview is the first of what the company hopes will be several fun and interesting things to be found on the page.

You can find more information at the MacOS Radio web site.