Aladdin Introduces PowerTicker

Aladdin Systems has introduced a new stock tracking utility, PowerTicker. PowerTicker provides a host of features including stock price alerts, currency conversion, portfolio management, and a host of others. According to Aladdin:

We designed PowerTicker understanding that you want to invest your money, not your time PowerTicker combines powerful investing features, with the ease of use that Mac users expect from their software. Here are the highlights:

PowerTickeris Portfolio Manager provides information about the current price and tracks changes in the value of your holdings in a particular stock. Based on the number of shares purchased, and the purchase price, the portfolio calculates the current value of your holder, along with the change in value displayed in both percentage and monetary terms. The portfolio view can be adjusted to display the performance of your holdings based on the previous closing price, as well as the change since purchase. Plus, your can password-protect your portfolios to ensure investing privacy.

Sound alarms, visual, and email alerts can be triggered when a stock or fund changes in value (you set the amount). This allows you to concentrate on other tasks at hand while not missing any hot opportunities or market fluctuations.

See the news headlines for securities being tracked. We added news to the detailed report window, allowing you to get the story behind the numbers.

Track currency conversions for investments in worldwide markets. The portfolio manager allows you to track holdings in a variety of currencies while converting the value of these holdings back into a base currency to be included in the portfolio summary. Buy a stock in Yen and convert the price into dollars, PowerTicker can handle it.

You can create multiple tickers (up to 16) to display different financial information in each. Put stocks on one ticker and Indexes on the other, or create a new ticker to high light a few stocks of special interest. PowerTicker provides the maximum flexibility as to how your information is displayed on the screen.

A new summary window lets you view the contents of the ticker bar (all stocks, funds and indices) as a list, keeping all tracked items in view at one time.

PowerTicker supports stocks listed on 25 exchanges in 12 countries around the world (including the FTSE in London, the Nikkei in Tokyo, and the DAX in Frankfurt,) so you can keep abreast of your investments where-ever in the world they happen to be.

PowerTicker is available for US$29.95. You can find more information at the Aladdin System web site.