Aladdin Releases DragStrip For OS X

Aladdin Systems, Inc. has released an OS X version of DragStrip for Mac users. DragStrip is a launcher utility designed for the organization of frequently used apps and files. The app ships with a new strip assistant for custom strip creation and other enhancements. According to Aladdin Systems:

Aladdin Systems, Inc. today announced that DragStrip(r) is now compatible with Mac OS X.

DragStrip is a full-featured "launcher" application that allows users unlimited flexibility in organizing and accessing frequently used files and applications. It helps to eliminate desktop clutter and repeated searches in disks, folders, and on the Internet, by placing drag-and-drop modifiable palettes on the desktop. A palette can easily handle a useris files, folders, applications, and URLs all in one location.

DragStripis Features And Benefits:

  • New! Strip assistant helps users customize new strips
  • New! "skins" appearances enhance the look of custom-built strips
  • Easy, one-click access to any file, application, URL, and more from Mac O S X desktop
  • Drag and drop file launching and copying
  • View and launch palette folder contents via hierarchical menus
  • Access any file or folder without opening a window
  • Store URLs on buttons for easy access to favorite web sites
  • Create multiple tabbed pages on a single palette to organize file sets
  • Customize palette appearance and location on the Desktop

You can find more information about the OS X DragStrip release at the Aladdin Systems, Inc. Web site. DragStrip for OS X is free for 3.7 users, while the full version is available for US$20.00.