Aladdin Releases New StuffIt Deluxe Version 7.0

Aladdin Systems, Inc. is now shipping StuffIt Deluxe version 7.0. StuffIt Deluxe is a file transfer app designed for the compression of file and programs for faster transferring. The latest version features the new Stuffit X file format, 512 bit encryption, and 30% improved compression. According to Aladdin Systems:

Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc., today released StuffIt Deluxe(tm) 7.0, the newest Macintosh version of the industry-standard access and compression utility.

The new StuffIt X(tm) (pronounced "ex"), file format integrates compression with security and safety options to meet the requirements of business and todayis digital lifestyle. The StuffIt X, or .sitx, file format provides stronger encryption (512 bit), improved compression (up to 30% over other formats), error-correction, larger archive size, and support for long-file names.

You can find more information about StuffIt Deluxe 7.0 release at the Aladdin Systems, Inc. Web site. StuffIt Deluxe 7.0 upgrades from previous version are available for US$29.99, while the full version is available for US$79.95.