Aladdin Releases New Super Utility, Transporter

Aladdin Systems has released a new multi-purpose communication management tool, Transporter. Aladdin Transporter allows users to set up customized "drop boxes" which will perform any number of tasks, from the simple to the sublime. Functioning in many ways like a graphical macro or script program, Transporter aims to make users more productive. According to Aladdin:

Aladdin Systems today shipped Aladdin Transporter - a new Macintosh utility that enables users to easily set up customized and automated file management, communications and Internet-related tasks. Using 26 customizable actions, or "steps," users can create customized drop boxes that perform a wide range of automated tasks, such as file compression, FTP, Web, and e-mail transfers, as well as the ability to display custom alert dialogs, text messages, sounds, pictures, and even QuickTime movies.

With Aladdin Transporter, activities that require multiple steps in several applications can be accomplished with a single drag and drop action. A Transporter drop box can replace simple tasks, such as sending files via email, or more complex ones, such as Stuffing files, uploading them to a password protected FTP site, and then sending out a notification via e-mail. The power of Transporter is that it allows users to create personalized solutions that are tailored for their specific needs.

Not only does Transporter allow users to create drop box applications to automate personalized tasks, but they can also send their customized drop boxes to friends, family, co-workers, and customers. For those working in environments that require interaction and the exchange of data and files with a large number of inexperienced users, a Transporter drop box can provide a way to guarantee error-free transfers every time.

Aladdin Transporter can also help users set up document distribution procedures that provide security, legal protection, and other personalized features. With Aladdin Transporter users can password-protect drop boxes, require recipients to agree to a license agreement before accessing a download site, and enable a recipient to download a file from a password protected FTP site without having to reveal passwords to them.

Aladdin Transporter is available for US$149. You can find more information at the Aladdin Web site.