Aladdin Releases Stuffit Express For Mac OS X

Aladdin has released a new file transfer tool for Mac OS X, Stuffit Express 1.1. Stuffit Express allows business to build error free file transfer functionality into their systems. Using Stuffit Express, companies can greatly simplify the process of transferring complex files. According to Aladdin:

Aladdin Systems today announced StuffIt Express(tm) 1.1 for Mac OS X, a new business productivity tool designed to save companies time and money by guaranteeing error free file transfers every time. StuffIt Express allows businesses to build custom "Express Box(tm)" applications that can combine file transfer tasks with data compression and encryption to facilitate common tasks such as filling out forms to send with an attachment. By using an Express Box, businesses can help their customers perform complex file transfer actions while shielding them from confusing and unfamiliar technology.

An Express Box allows anyone to perform multi-step file transfer tasks - such compressing files, uploading them to a password protected FTP server, and then sending an e-mail notification - simply by dragging a file onto an Express Box desktop application.

StuffIt Express builds on Aladdinis award-winning StuffIt(tm) compression technology, by adding powerful FTP, Web, form, and email file transfer features. While competing products lock customers into a particular way of working, the power of StuffIt Express is its flexibility. The product allows users to create custom solutions that are tailor made to fit any required file transfer task. Businesses are able to adapt the solution as their relationship with a customer changes. No coding or scripting is required, and with its Wizard feature, users are able to create custom drop boxes within minutes of installing the product.

StuffIt Express also provides a number of security features that are designed to ease the flow of communication and productivity for businesses that depend on electronic file transfers. StuffIt Express allows users to create and send Express Boxes to their customers without having to authorize access to secure areas. For example, by using an Express Box to enable customers to upload files, users can allow access to sensitive file servers with out providing the URL and login information. Express Boxes can be password-protected and be configured to time- out after a specific date, or after a specified number of days after they are first used. They can also be limited to a specific number of uses.

Pricing for Stuffit Express starts at US$399. You can find more information at the Aladdin Systems Web site.