Aladdin Releases Stuffit SDK For OS X

Aladdin has released their Stuffit Software Developer Kit (SKK) for Mac OS X. Version 6.0.1 of their Stuffit SDK allows third-party developers include Stuffit compression and decompression technology in their own OS X applications. According to Aladdin:

Aladdin Systems today announced it is now shipping the StuffIt Engine(tm) Software Developer Kit (SDK), version 6.0.1 for Macintosh. The StuffIt Engine allows third-party software developers to put the power of StuffIt technology in their own applications.

"Whether it is accessing existing files and archives, creating them, or simply reducing the size of the documents an application creates, the StuffIt Engine SDK is the solution for third-party developers wishing to include award winning StuffIt technology in their OS X or Classic application," said David Polzine, StuffIt Engine SDK product manager.

StuffIt Engine Features and Enhancements:

  • Carbonized and Compatibile with Mac OS X
  • Supports compression and encoding in AppleSingle, BtoA, Gzip, Lha, Tar, and Unix Compress
  • Supports expansion and decoding of AppleSingle, BtoA, Gzip and Rar
  • Also, includes all previous formats and capabilities

Designed to be easy to integrate into a developeris application, the StuffIt Engine has one API to handle all the popular compression and encoding formats. By incorporating the StuffIt Engine libraries in any software application, developers can create or access StuffIt or Zip archives, add or remove encoding, or make self-extracting archives for Mac or Windows desktop users. The StuffIt Engine SDK for Macintosh can be used to create the following file and archive types:

StuffIt (including encrypted and/or segmented), Zip, Self-Extracting Archive for Macintosh, Self-Extracting Archive for Windows, Apple Single, Binhex, BtoA, Bzip, Gzip, Lha, MacBinary, Tar, UU.

License fees for the Stuffit SDK vary for each individual project. Developers interested in licensing the Stuffit SDK, or just finding more information, can visit the Aladdin Web site.