Aladdin Releases Ten for X: Games

Aladdin Systems, Inc. has released a new bundle for Mac gamers, Ten for X: Games. Ten for X is a collection of games featuring several types of genres and styles. The collection ships with titles from a bevy of popular design companies including Freeverse and Lost Minds. According to Aladdin Systems:

Following its Ten for X utility collection, Aladdin Systems, Inc. today shipped Ten for X (tm):Games.

Ten for X: Games includes the following products:

  • 3D Bridge Deluxe (tm) by Freeverse Software - an amazing Bridge game with a great tutorial mode where you can pick who you play with
  • Airburst (tm) by Freeverse Software - a game for up to four players, the object is to protect the balloons keeping you aloft while trying to pop opponentis balloons
  • Astrosquid (tm) by Lost Minds - With an underwater theme and an original MP3 soundtrack, navigate your Squid through obstacles in this side-scrolling arcade shooter with a surprise ending
  • Bommo Sweeper X (tm) by Slovis Software - an addictive mine sweeping game
  • Bugdom 2 (tm) by Pangea Software - a sequel to the fantastic action adventure game with amazing 3d graphics- Aid Skip in combing the Bugdom for an evil bumble bee who stole his backpack and meet dozens of buggy critters along the way
  • Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab (tm) by Freeverse Software - a falling block puzzler with trick graphics and a sound track to die for
  • Classic Cribbage (tm) by Freeverse Software - a classic card game
  • Cro-Mag Rally (tm) by Pangea Software the best prehistoric 3D racing game ever- help Brog pilot his "bone buggy" to beat out other anthropologic characters in single, multi, and network player modes
  • DeepTrouble (tm) by Codeblender Software - An alien species is inhabiting Earthis oceans and slowly destroying them with pollution. Hunt them down and destroy them in your submarine before its too late
  • Geneforge (tm) by Spiderweb Software - Fans of role-playing games will spend hours exploring the many levels of this game on a self-assigned quest
  • Jinni Zeala (tm) Pinball by LittleWing Co. LTD - The latest 3D Pinball game from the folks who brought you Tristan and Crystal Caliburn
  • Video Poker 5000 (tm) by Slovis Software
  • WingNuts: Temporal Navigator (tm) by Freeverse Software - Afraid of flying? Stay away from this game, but anyone who loves airplanes will quickly become addicted to the spectacular graphics and the myriad of zany flying machines that must be battled in this arcade style game

You can find more information about Ten for X: Games at the Aladdin Systems, Inc. Web site.Ten for X: Games is available for US$49.99.