Aladdin Ships Spring Cleaning 6

Aladdin Systems has released Spring Cleaning 6, the newest upgrade to the file cleaning and uninstaller Mac utility. The new version includes a host of new features and other improvements, including integrated secure deletion, the ability to delete Sherlock cookies, improved file previewing, and more. From Aladdin:

Aladdin Systems, Inc. shipped Spring Cleaning 6.0 today. The all-in-one cleaning and privacy protection solution and #1 uninstaller for the Macintosh, Spring Cleaning, with iClean 6.0, provides 20 powerful tools designed to clean, protect and organize Macintosh computers. Mac users rely upon Spring Cleaning to uninstall computer programs, remove duplicate files, manage Internet cookies, history and cache files to improve their computeris performance and help manage and protect Internet privacy.

It is easy to clean a Mac with Spring Cleaningis speedy searches, removal of large and unnecessary language files, and the ability to quickly remove duplicate files. To simplify the decision-making process regarding whether or not to delete an individual file, users can "preview" thumbnail files in the search results and decide at-a-glance if a file should be deleted. Text files, applications, resource forks and binary files can also be quickly compared. Version 6.0 now supports Opera and Safari browsers and the ability to delete Sherlock cookies.

Optimized for Mac OS X, Spring Cleaning provides 20 powerful, easy-to-use tools to help users safely and easily remove hard drive and Internet clutter. Spring Cleaning makes clean up fast and easy with drag and drop, speedy searches, removal of large and unnecessary language files, the ability to quickly remove duplicate files, deletion of Sherlock cookies, and support for the latest browsers, including Opera and Safari.


  • Drag and Drop capabilities- All 20 search tools in Advanced Mode include drag and drop to perform actions and faster searches on a specific volume or folder
  • New! Remove Language Files - increase performance and make additional hard drive space available
  • Integrated! Secure Delete - shreds digital documents for added security
  • Improved! Preview Search Results - graphic images in thumbnail form make delete decisions fast and easy
  • New! Deletes Sherlock Cookies - Remove Cookies thoroughly and easily
  • Customizable searches- Find any type of file while using special actions
  • Clean E-mail Attachments - Removes attachments
  • Improved! Cookie Editor enhancement- Cookie Editor/Internet Cache Finder now edits by creation date and server name; automatically delete cookies from selected servers every time the feature is run. Protected cookie list lets users return to favorite Web sites easily.
  • Improved! System Menu for Mac OS X- A desktop menu bar gives immediate access to all Spring Cleaning searches
  • Improved! QuickCompare optimization- Compares Mac OS X files AND folders, resource forks, binary files and application packages
  • New! Mac OS X optimization- Greater performance with support for application packages/bundles, extensions, support for long file names and larger file sizes
  • Root Access allowances- Mac OS X feature gives extended access privileges
  • Search Filter access- Easier access to search filter settings both before and after a search
  • Extended Standard Mode features- Advanced Mode actions now accessible within Standard Mode

Includes 20 Power Cleaning Tools: AccessMonitor, Alias Fixer, CookieEditor, Custom Search, Document Finder, Duplicates Finder, Empty Folder Finder, Fat App Slimmer, File Checker, Help Finder, iClean, Internet Cache Finder, Language File Finder, MacUninstaller, MailCleaner, Orphan Adopter, Orphan Prefs Finder, QuickCompare, Storage Items Finder, and System Menu.

Spring Cleaning requires a Power Macintosh computer, running Mac OS 9.1 or higher, including Mac OS 10.1 and newer, CarbonLib 1.6 or greater, with at least 8MB of RAM; and 16MB available disk space. QuickTime 5.0 is required to view images in the preview pane.

The upgrade is priced at US$19.99 to registered owners of Spring Cleaning, and the company offers a competitive upgrade, as well. The full version is priced at US$49.99. You can find more information on the product at Aladdinis Web site.