Aladdin Updates Stuffit Line To 6.0, OS X Support Included

Aladdin Systems has updated their Stuffit line of compression/decompression utilities to version 6.0. The new version of Stuffit Expander, DropStuff, and Stuffit Deluxe add support for new compressions standards, and run natively on OS X Beta. According to Aladdin:

StuffIt Deluxe 6.0 will work under Mac OS X Public Beta. Please refer to the "Mac OS X Read Me" that accompanies StuffIt Deluxe for further details.

The following components will work with Mac OS X Public Beta:

  • StuffIt Deluxe application
  • Archive Search?
  • StuffIt Expander?
  • DropStuff?
  • DropZip?
  • DropConverter?
  • DropSegment?
  • Secure Delete?

The following components will NOT function under Mac OS X Public Beta:

  • Magic Menu?
  • True Finder Integration? (TFI)
  • Aladdin StuffIt Browser ?
  • Archive Via Rename?
  • StuffItCM? contextual menu support

Send files faster, access anything on the Web! Tired of waiting for large email attachments and downloads? Frustrated with files that you canit open? You need StuffIt Deluxe! Award-winning, industry-standard StuffIt Deluxe compresses your files up to 95% smaller than their original size, so they transmit faster. Plus, StuffIt Deluxe opens just about any file you download off the Web or receive in your email. And, as the worldwide compression standard, your StuffIt files can be accessed by any Mac or PC user, anywhere, hassle-free!

Stuffit Deluxe is available for US$79.95. As always, Stuffit Expander is available for free. You can find more information at the Aladdin Systems web site.