Alchemy TV DVR Now Features Open Architecture

Miglia Technology has announced the open plug-in architecture for Alchemy TV DVR. The Alchemy TV DVR is designed as a television/radio tuner and recorder. The open architecture allows third party applications to be created using the tuner card. According to Miglia Technology:

Miglia Technology, a global technology solution provider that manufactures, markets and supports a range of own and licensed branded products, has today announced that the AlchemyTV DVR application now supports an open plug-in architecture.

This allows third party developers to extend the functionalities of the AlchemyTV DVR TV tuner/Video capture card by creating plug-ins.

Miglia has made the SDK for the post-processing plug-in available to third party developers and welcomes any person or organisation who wishes to enhance AlchemyTV DVR via a plug-in.

Thanks to the newly available SDK, independent software developer Fabio Verna has created DivTV, a plug-in enabling the export to VCD (MPEG-1) and S-VCD (MPEG-2). Thanks to this plug-in, any movie recorded with AlchemyTV DVR can be exported to VCD/S-VCD from within the application.

You can find more information about the Alchemy TV DVR at the Miglia Technology Web site. The Alchemy TV DVR is available for US$159.00.

Miglia Technology