Alepin Maintenance Update Released

The MacChampion Team has released a maintenance update for Alepin, bringing it to version 2.42. Alepin is a notepad utility designed for keeping text notes. The maintenance update fixes recently discovered bugs. According to The MacChampion Team:

We have worked extra hard the last few days to squash some no-fun bugs in Alepin, and weid love you to give the new version a try. Its is also important that users upgrade to this version (2.42) which fixes some important bugs as listed below.

Alepin is a clean and simple implementation of a Notepad & Scrapbook for Mac OS X. It offers some nifty features like importing from the Classic Note Pad, Stickies X or folders of text files, RTFD Export, multi-page documents, Auto-open of a specific file, auto-save, QuickFind, sorting and naming using the Categories drawer and rapid navigation through all pages using the slider. If also copies graphics to Carbon apps, which TextEdit cannot do well. It is available in French as well.

Fixes in versin 2.42:

  • Even better text formatting when modifying text with URLs even with Auto-detect while typing off
  • Highlight now properly turns off all the time and has a new keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed an important bug where pages and categories could not be renamed
  • Alepin now does not accept drags from the finder into the Categories which caused all sorts of corruption. Eventually will will support this feature
  • New Service to simply Launch Alepin without adding pages. This allows to open the default file or a new file from the Services menu
  • Added Option-click on URL to simply place the insertion point within a URL without opening it to edit it easily
  • New preference to use Option-click to open URLs and regular click to edit (see above)
  • Fixed some other minor bugs and annoyances

You can find more information about the Alepin update at the MacChampion Web site. Alepin 2.42 is available for US$10.00.