Alepin Updated From MacChampion

The MacChampion Team has released an update for Alepin, bringing it to version 1.5. Alepin is a notepad utility designed for keeping text notes. The update features performance enhancements including note pad file import and improved file recovery. According to The MacChampion Team:

We wanted to let you know that we just posted version 1.5 of Alepin, our Note Pad and Scrapbook replacement for OS X.

lepin has been created for Mac OS X users who miss the Notepad and Scrapbook features of Mac OS 9. Alepin comes from the French words Album (Scrapbook) & Calepin (Notepad). Pronounced Al-Pin in English... In French, it means "Alpine"...

Whatis new in this version (1.5):

  • Import from Note Pad files
  • Auto-backup of files
  • New file format offering great file recovery in case of file corruption
  • Improved Copy and Paste of certain transparent gifs
  • Drag and Drop now works with Carbon apps
  • Drag and Drop of unsaved files (which TextEdit cannot do, not that weire competing...)

You can find more information about the Alepin update at the MacChampion Web site. Alepin 1.5 is available for US$10.00.