Alepin Updated From MacChampion

The MacChampion Team has released an update for Alepin, bringing it to version 1.6. Alepin is a notepad utility designed for keeping text notes. The update features performance enhancements including improved search speeds. According to The MacChampion Team:

Just a note to let you know that we have just posted a new version (1.60 of Alepin, our popular Notepad/Scrapbook replacement for Mac OS X!

Here is a description of the existing a new features, weive listened to our users and are implementing all the most-wanted features as soon as we can.

Alepin has been created for Mac OS X users who miss the Notepad and Scrapbook features of Mac OS 9. Alepin comes from the French words Album (Scrapbook) & Calepin (Notepad). Pronounced Al-Pin in English... In French, it means "Alpine"...

Whatis new in this version (1.6):

  • Speedier searches in large files
  • Remembers window position between pages
  • Scrolls long documents to display the current selection when opening files
  • Added a preference to Quit when the last window is closed

You can find more information about the Alepin update at the MacChampion Web site. Alepin 1.6 is available for US$10.00.