Alepin Updated With Blowfish Support

The MacChampion Team has released an update for Alepin, bringing it to version 2.5. Alepin is a notepad utility designed for keeping text notes. The update includes Blowfish encryption support and other enhancements. According to The MacChampion Team:

The MacChampion Team is now shipping Alepin 2.5, our Notepad and scrapbook replacement for Mac OS X

Alepin is a clean and simple implementation of a Notepad & Scrapbook for Mac OS X. It offers some nifty features like importing from the Classic Note Pad, Stickies X or folders of text files, RTFD Export, multi-page documents, Auto-open of a specific file, auto-save, QuickFind, sorting and naming using the Categories drawer and rapid navigation through all pages using the slider. If also copies graphics to Carbon apps, which TextEdit cannot do well. It is available in French as well.

Alepin 2.5 still sports an elegantly effective interface while adding some highly requested features. Amongst these features are Blowfish encryption and sorting of pages and categories. But there is a lot more to the new version too!

Here are a few of the improvements:

  • Lock Alepin documents with Blowfish Encryption
  • Support for the Keychain
  • QuickFind now offers better highlighting of found text
  • Now available in German (thanks to Manfred Kanzler!)
  • Sort all or part of the pages
  • Better handling of import (more to come too!)
  • Lots of little interface improvements and bug fixes (no, there werenit any bugs at all! Honest ;-)

You can find more information about the Alepin update at the MacChampion Web site. Alepin 2.5 is available for US$10.00.