Alexander Wilson Releases Two New Apps For Mac Users

Alexander Wilson has released two new apps for Mac users, AWS Guitar Tuner and IndieToolbar. AWS Guitar Tuner is a guitar voice tuner featuring acoustic and electric guitars. IndieToolbar is a utility designed for custom toolbar icon organizing. According to Alexander Wilson:

Alexander Wilson Studios today releases AWS Guitar Tuner and IndieToolbar, two freeware programs for the Mac.

AWS Guitar Tuner is a simple guitar tuner with standard tuning in acoustic-nylon, acoustic-steel, and electric guitar voices. It is made exclusively for Mac OS X.

IndieToolbar is an internet utility that allows users of any Macintosh browser to take advantage of the most popular internet toolbar icons from the Alexander Wilson Studios collection, previously only available for Internet Explorer. IndieToolbar is vertical, freestanding, and customizeable, made for Mac OS X as well as OS 9.

You can find more information about the AWS Guitar Tuner and IndieToolbar release at Alexander Wilson Web site. The apps are available as free downloads.