AliasKeys 1.0 Now Shipping

Benoit Widemann has released a new app for Mac users, AliasKeys 1.0. AliasKeys is a utility designed for custom keystroke assignment. The app features single keystroke work environment launching and support for F16 on new Apple keyboards. According to Benoit Widemann:

Benoit Widemann announced today the immediate availability of AliasKeys 1.0 for Mac OS X.

AliasKeys(tm) lets you assign keystrokes to open files and folders. Any item that the Finder can open may be dragged to the list of AliasKeys and assigned a combination of keys, to open it without touching your mouse. You can use AliasKeys for applications, documents, folders, aliases, preference panels, servers, scripts...

Hitting the keys opens the corresponding item, as would a double-click on its icon. AliasKeys is basically as simple as that; it is also extremely easy to set up.

While very simple to use, AliasKeys offers top-notch launching capabilities, plus a couple of unusual features dedicated to experienced users:

  • AliasKeys supports styled text and picture clippings. Triggering a clipping with a hotkey inserts the clippingis contents in the frontmost application
  • AliasKeys can group any number of items under a hotkey, to launch an entire work environment (folders, applications, documents...) with a single keystroke
  • Although AliasKeys is a completely separate product that donit need AliasMenu to work, it connects automatically to AliasMenu if AliasMenu is also installed
  • Functions keys F1-F16 are supported. Most competing programs do not support the F16 key that appeared on recent Apple(r) keyboards
  • AliasKeys is fully unicode-aware and can be used in any language and with any keyboard. It works very well with on-screen keyboards such as KeyStrokes(r) or SwitchXS(r)
  • Full Panther (10.3) compatibility, also works with Jaguar (10.2)

You can find more information about the AliasKeys release at the Benoit Widemann Web site. AliasKeys is available for US$15.00.