Alias|Wavefron Releases Maya Resource CD

Alias|Wavefront is now shipping a resource CD for Maya users. Maya is a popular 3D modeling engine designed for full animation rendering. The resource CD features nine new texture plug-ins and 57 sample textures for rendering. According to Alias|Wavefront:

Alias|Wavefront(tm), company, announced today that it is releasing its first Resource Tool for Maya(r): Maya Resources| 2D and 3D Procedural Texture Plug-ins.

The resource CD gives intermediate and advanced users of the Maya renderer, nine new texture plug-ins that will allow them to create sophisticated effects without having to develop complex shading networks. The CD also includes 57 sample textures.

The plug-ins are compatible with Maya 4 on Windows, Linux and IRIX and Maya 3.5.1 for Mac OS X.

The new texture plug-ins include:

  • 2D corrosion, veining, woodgrain
  • 3D denim, freckles, rings, tree bark, scallops, streaks

You can find more information about the Maya resource CD at the Alias|Wavefront Web site. The Maya resource CD is available for US$49.99.