Alien Crossfire Updated

There is a man named Sid. "Evil Genious" Sid. He once created a game of unimaginable addictive power called: Alpha Centauri. This evil genious had an expansion module created to complement this hugely popular game, and he called it Alien Crossfire. Today, Mac gamers everywhere rejoiced to hear that an update for this expansion module is now finished and available for download.

Ported to the Macintosh courtesy of Aspyr, those insidious corruptors of souls who keep feeding us with these fantastic Mac games, Alpha Centauri was created by the brain of Sid Meiers, the genious behind Sid Meiers Sim Civilization.

The update brings us a few fixes roughly refered to here by the Macupdate page hosting the download:

Alien Crossfire 1.2.1 Updater will correct an issue with Alien Crossfire and Mac OS 9.1 in which users would experience a white background on the Alien Crossfire splash screen and in the small map during game play.

You can find more information and download the demo at the Aspyr Web site.