Alien Skin Releases Nature Eye Candy Filters

Alien Skin Software, LLC announced Wednesday a set of 10 plug-in filters that simulate natural effects.

Eye Candy 5: Nature is the second of a three-part upgrade to Eye Candy 4000. Nature simulates a variety of phenomena, including fire, smoke, rust, snow, ice and more. Nature features four all-new filters and reincarnates six Eye Candy classics.

New effects include drip melts images, melding colors and rendering oozing drops that drip from selections; snow drift piles snow on text and lightly dusts images with surface snow or frost; icicles drips translucent icicles from any selection and works great with Snow Drift.

The 10 plug-in filters work with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Macromedia Fireworks. The filter package will be available in December for US$99.