All Purpose System Utility Updated

Chaotic Software has updated their do-it-all system utility, Mac Army Knife, to version 2.1. Mac Army Knife includes a variety of small system utilites aimed at making a Mac useris life easier. According to Chaotic Software:

MAK is a project that is on an evolutionary path. It is meant to be a "catch all" for mini-utilities and things that other apps donit do. You might find something to help out users, developers, and everyone under the sun. So launch the app, and see what it can do for you! If you find it has something of your liking, then please donit forget itis shareware. If it doesnit have anything you need, then check back in a future rev, as we might have added something you need. If there is some utility-esque function that you think itis crying out for, please send us your suggestion. We canit guarantee itill be implemented, but it canit hurt to ask!

Mac Army Knife is available as shareware for US$24.95. You can find more information at the Chaotic Software web site.