All You Ever Wanted To Know About iTunes 4

Yesterday, Apple introduced iTunes 4. Today, Apple has posted a great many articles to the Knowledge Base regarding iTunes 4. Below, you will find a short description and a link to each. Enjoy!

How to Keep Music Store From Appearing
Donit want the Music Store to show up in your iTunes sidebar? Apple explains how to disable it.

How to View Purchase History
If youire trying to remember what you purchased, here are instructions on how to browse your purchase history.

Issues Purchasing Songs From Music Store
Apple offers troubleshooting tips if you are unable to complete a purchase at the Music Store.

About Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)
Whatis this AAC stuff? Apple gives a definition.

AAC and MP3 Codecs Compared
Apple explains the difference between MP3 and AAC.

About Authorization and Deauthorization
Authorization, deauthorization, and what it all means in regards to Appleis new music service.

About Interrupted Downloads
Dialup users take note: Worry not about your modem dropping out. Your song will be waiting for you when you return.

Burning Playlists with Purchased Songs
Yes, you can burn your playlists to a CD. But the same playlist will only burn ten times.

How to Use The Shopping Cart
Trying to keep your credit card statement short, or want to lump all of your downloads together? Check out the shopping cart.

How to View Album Artwork
Miss taking a gander at the case of the CD youire currently listening to? You can now do so virtually.

About Apple ID and Password
Apple explains what your Apple ID is and how it pertains to the Music Store.

Buying Music Requires U.S. Billing Address
Unfortunately, youire out of luck for now if you live outside the United States.

Playing Purchased Songs on Your iPod
Your 99-cent tunes are as mobile as you are, thanks to the iPod!

How to Purchase Songs With 1-Click
Jeff Bezos may have patented it, but that doesnit mean you canit use it to get your music!

Some AAC Files Wonit Play
In some cases, iTunes 4 or an iPod wonit play an AAC file. Hereis why.

Music Store Connection Speed
For best results, use the fastest internet connection you have.

How to Contact Music Store Billing Support
Didnit buy it, but got charged for it? iTunes will help you work it out.

iTunes Music Store: All Sales Final
Once youive bought it, it yours. No refunds.

System Requirements
Sorry, that old Quadra isnit going to cut it. Hereis what will.

About Music Store Parental Advisories
Some %&*#!&@ music may not be $%*&@%# appropriate for children. Apple can help you decide.

About Third-Party MP3 Players and AAC File Support
So, you found a digital music player cheaper than the iPod, did you? Guess what? It may not support AAC.

How to Backup Purchased Songs
Hard drives crash. Computers explode. Back up your music, with a little help from your friends at Apple.

About Music Store Song Bitrate
Apple lets you know what bitrate Music Store tunes are encoded at.

Purchased Music Does Not Play
If you just purchased some music, and it doesnit play, Disk Utility may be able to lend a hand.

How to Preview Songs With a Slower Network Connection
Hey, dialup users, donit let your broadband friends have all of the fun!

How to Locate Downloaded Files
Apple helps you find the music you just downloaded. (Hint: Itis not behind the sofa.)

How to Create Lists of Your Favorite Songs
Playlists. Learn how to use them, for they will serve you well.