Allume Releases Spring Cleaning 8.0

SAN FRANCISCO -- Allume Systems on Monday released the Mac version of Spring Cleaning 8.0, its utility for performing such maintenance tasks as clearing out unneeded and duplicate files and applications and deleting email attachments.

New features in this upgrade include Image Finder, Archive Finder, Disk Image Finder and Music Finder tools for locating all digital images, archives, disk images and music files on a hard drive and organizing them in one place. In addition, the Widget Finder enables users to uninstall or install Dashboard Widgets while the Universal Slimmer tool looks at whether a PowerPC or Intel processor is in the computer and eliminates unnecessary code.

Other changes in this upgrade include the ability to rename any file, burn files to a CD or DVD and compress JPEGS with Allumeis StuffIt Compression. The new Choose tool enables users to select a folder and decide which Spring Cleaning actions to take on its files.

Performance improvements in Spring Cleaning 8.0 include the ability of the Logs and Temporary Items Finder to clean out the system and user cache, support for using MailCleaner with Apple Mail attachments, better accuracy in the Font File Finder and added support for the Mozille Firefox, OmniWeb, Mozilla and Shiira Web browsers to the Internet File Finder. System Snapshots also now enables users to find out what has changed on their computers since the last snapshots were taken.

Spring Cleaning 8.0 is US$29.99 as an upgrade or $49.99 for the full version. Mac OS X v10.3.9 or higher is required. The Preview Pane requires QuickTime 5.0 and the Image Finder requires iPhoto 5.