Allume's Internet Cleanup 3.0 Adds Tiger, Apple Mail Support, More

Allume Systems on Thursday released version 3.0 of its privacy protection utility Internet Cleanup. In addition to support for Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger" and Appleis Mail program, this upgrade features a new Scheduler tool, a redesigned user interface with a preview pane that displays thumbnails of PDFs and graphics, a Forms Auto-Fill Data Cleaner that deletes auto-fill data collected by Web browsers, an improved Cookie Editor and more.

Internet Cleanup 3.0 also adds support for five new Web browsers: Firefox, Camino, Mozilla, Shiira and OmniWeb. It also improves support for Safari, Internet Explorer, Netscape, iCab, Opera and Sherlock. In addition, the new software can run multiple functions simultaneously, adds new Move To Trash and Move To Folder cleaning options, deletes instant messenger chat logs, digitally "shreds" files so they canit be recovered after deletion and more.

Current Internet Cleanup users can upgrade to the new version for US$14.99. The full software is $29.99 and requires Mac OS X v10.3 and 8MB RAM.