Alternative HTML Editor Updated

PineHill Products has updated their HTML editing/Web building suite, CreativePage, to version 2.5. CreativePage provides a number of power and flexible HTML editing tools, as well as a built-in FTP client, for handling site design and management. According to PineHill Products:

PineHill Products is proud to announcethe update to their powerful web page creation software, CreativePage 2.5.

CreativePage 2.5 is a professional web site design suite for the Macintosh,fitting anybodyis need to create a professional, high end web site usingHTML. If you do not know HTML, do not worry, since CreativePage handles HTMLeasily enough for anybody to read and understand, while professional enoughto fit the high business demands of today.

With CreativePage, you can be creating a professional web site in minuteswith all of the built in assistants, formatting tools, and other features.Even with the high demands of today, CreativePage is definitely the tool ofchoice for anyone dealing with HTML or web site authoring.

Key features of CreativePage 2.5:

  • Complete, fast syntax coloring
  • Over 25 HTML assistants
  • Many formatting tools and options
  • Backup and Auto Save features
  • Built in FTP client
  • Automatic page break insertion
  • Preview in browser
  • Easy to use interface and toolbar
  • Note pad, to jot down notes or HTML
  • New Page template wizard
  • Complete manual
  • Forms wizard
  • HTML Color Picker, always know the correct color

CreativePage is available for US$25. You can find more information at the PineHill Products Web site.