Alternative OS X Mail Application Updated

CTM Development has updated their Carbonized e-mail application, PowerMail, to version 3.09v2. PowerMail is a full-featured e-mail client, easily handling complicated rules, multiple accounts, and customized configuration. For those OS X users looking for a mail application that is set up more like the traditional OS 9 e-mail programs, PowerMail is worth a look. According to CTM Development:

CTM Development releases a new version of its $49 flagship e-mail application for Macintosh, PowerMail, now natively supported both on Mac OS X (Carbon) and on Mac OS 9 and 8 (Classic).

Designed as a fully-featured, user friendly alternative to Microsoftis Outlook Express/Entourage and Eudora, PowerMail features the highest performance mail searching capability, excellent compatibility with complex languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Hebrew as well as a state-of-the-art Mac-like design with Aqua support.

The new version offers 3 new features and 12 bug fixes; it has been successfully tested with Mac OS X version 10.0.1 and Mac OS 9.1 (all releases since 8.5 are supported).

PowerMail is available for US$49. You can find more information at the CTM Development Web site.