Alternative OS X QuickTime Player Updated

SearchWare Solutions has released another public preview of their OS X version of the alternative QuickTime player, Pix Lite. Pix Lite for OS X Public Preview Release 3 provides an alternative to Appleis QuickTime Player software for viewing a wide variety of file formats. According to SearchWare Solutions:

SearchWare Solutions is proud to announce the third public preview release of a Mac OS X native version of Pix Lite, their well-received QuickTime-based Media Viewer.

Functionally identical to Pix Lite 1.1 for the Classic Mac OS, Pix Lite for Mac OS X is an easy to use application for viewing various types of QuickTime compatible media such as images and movies in a wide variety of formats. Users can, in many cases, use the software as a replacement for Appleis own media-viewing applications. Pix Lite also includes powerful slideshow and movie presentation functions as well as integrated AppleScript support.

Pix Lite for Mac OS X Public Preview Release 3 is being made available for download by the public so that SearchWare Solutions can receive feedback regarding the product before its official release for Mac OS X.

The third release of Pix Lite for Mac OS X Public Preview makes several changes and fixes several bugs in response to feedback from users of Public Preview Release 2.

  • Pictures larger than the screen size are now properly scaled to fit the screen during slide shows.
  • Edit->Modify->Invert now functions properly.
  • Implemented Mac OS X sheets for a few various windows as appropriate (such as the progress window for filters)
  • Pix Lite for Mac OS X is now much more multi-threaded. It is now possible to perform tasks while other tasks are running (such as running a filter or rescaling a picture).
  • Several internal changes to improve general Pix Lite for Mac OS X stability.

Pix Lite for OS X is available for US$15. You can find more information at the SearchWare Solutions Web site.