Amazon Overwhelmed By Response To Jaguar Deal

OS X 10.2 for $79!

Well, not anymore, at least not for now. Customers shopping at could purchase Jaguar, Appleis recently announced version of OS X, for $79 after a $50 rebate which was featured in the Amazon School of Rebates page. Jaguar retails for $129 and is scheduled to ship August 24. Soon after news of the deal was posted on the internet, people going to the site to snap up the deal found that the rebate was no longer offered.

Ling Hong, an Amazon representative, explained to TMO that the response to the offer was overwhelming and had to be discontinued, and that Amazon is looking into whether or not the offer can be reinstated. Ms. Hong assured TMO that Apple had nothing to do with the offer being discontinued.

When asked if the rebates for those persons who have already taken advantage of the offer will still be honored, Ms. Hong said, "Yes," and explained that anyone whose order was received up until 7PM PDT on July 31, 2002, will be able to use the $50 rebate.