Ambrosia Announces Darwinia, Seeks Beta Testers

In addition to the new board game version of Escape Velocity: Nova, Ambrosia Software also announced a new game called Darwinia, along with a call for beta testers.

Part action game, part strategy planner, Darwinia puts the player in charge of a five-man insertion team whose job is to help the inhabitants of Darwinia secure their planet against the Red Viral infection. The landscape of the planet is made of "fractal vistas populated by iconic video game sprites from the past twenty years of computer games."

"The world of Darwinia viewed from high above the landscape, the sky filled
with the souls of all the Darwinians you failed to save."

You can find more information on the game at Ambrosiais News/Upcoming Web page. The company has also posted 8 screen shots of the game. Pricing has not yet been announced, and the company is looking for beta testers. We are awaiting confirmation on how to apply to be a tester, but until we get that confirmation, you can try writing