Ambrosia Offers Up Ferazel's Wand At A Discount

Ambrosia Software is offering their smash hit side-scrolling action game, Ferazelis Wand, at a discounted price for a limited time. The Ferazelis Wand Fall Sale allows users to get the action packed game, and the level editor, for US$20 including shipping. According to Ambrosia:

Ambrosia Software, Inc. announced today a special Ferazelis Wand Fall promotional sale, offering Ambrosiais highly popular side-scrolling action/adventure game, Ferazelis Wand, for $20 -- thatis $10 off the normal $30 price tag. Just $20 gets you the Ferazelis Wand CD sent to your doorstep, shipping and handling included!

Ferazelis Wand has been quick to rack up the accolades from the Mac gaming press. 4 stars from MacWorld. "Ferazelis Wand is quite simply a title that no gamer should be without... and as beautiful to look at as any 3D game to date..." raves MacAddict. 4 1/2 Joysticks from Inside Mac Games. MacHome says "Ferazelis Wand is the best two dimensional platform game ever. Forget Mario, Sonic, Crash, and all the other console buffoons."

Need we go on? Ferazelis Wand is a game that endears itself to people of all ages, and nowis your chance to get a copy on the cheap. But youid better get it quick -- this Ferazelis Wand sale is for a limited time only.

As an added bonus, Ambrosia also released a level editor for Ferazelis Wand, available on the Ferazelis Wand web site. The 23 mammoth levels in Ferazelis Wand will definitely keep you running, jumping, and hurling fireballs for some time to come, but if you ever manage to finish the game, you can now play levels created by other people or make your own!

Ferazelis Wand puts you inside the cloak of Ferazel, the last of the free habnabits. Jump, cast spells, and travel to the reaches of Teraknorn, enhancing your skill and learning new spells along the way. Xichra is waiting for Ferazel in her lair - only with strength, wisdom, and experience (and this CD-ROM) can she be vanquished.

Ferazelis Wand features a highly advanced graphics engine, using such special effects as multi-layered parallax scrolling, and advanced particle graphics. Additionally, the game sports nearly 2000 frames of high-resolution hand-drawn animation, and a pulse-quickening, awe-inspiring soundtrack of 30 songs composed by Hollywood musician Eric Speier.

You can take advantage of the limited-time offer, and find more information about the game, at the Ferazelis Wand web site.