Ambrosia Releases New Search Utility iSeek

Ambrosia Software, Inc. has released a new app for MAc users, iSeek 1.0. iSeek is an Internet search utility designed to be more comprehensive than other search methods like Sherlock. The app features pre-defined search short cuts and full customization. According to Ambrosia Software:

Knowledge may be power, but in todayis information-saturated world, finding the knowledge you seek is both challenging and vital. Today Ambrosia Software, Inc. announced the release of iSeek, a searching tool that gives you the power to sift through the Internet effortlessly, like grains of sand cascading through your fingertips.

iSeek is an indispensable tool that allows you to instantly search for anything on the Internet, no matter what program youire running at the time. iSeek puts a familiar search field in your menu bar, always at your beck and call, needing just a click or keystroke to start your search. No lengthy startup times, no cumbersome interface to navigate, just streamlined Aqua goodness.

You can find more information about the iSeek release at the at the Ambrosia Software, Inc. Web site. iSeek is available for US$15.00.