America's Sweetheart: "I Did It On My Mac"

Macs have ruled Hollywood since Roosevelt was president, and we donit mean Franklin D. OK, that may be a slight exaggeration, but not too much of one. Todayis Mac sighting comes from the Billy Crytal/Julia Roberts/Catherine Zeta-Jones/John Cusack flick, Americais Sweetheart, hence our Hollywood-oriented intro, and itis all about doing it on the Mac. Observer Scott Monroe has the story:

Not so much a sighting, but a mention. (I donit remember anyone else mentioning this one, so I hope itis new...)

In "Americais Sweethearts", Billy Crystal is viewing a movie trailer with one of his assistants. Crystal asks the assistant if he had created the trailer and the assistant said no. Crystal explains to the assistant that you always take credit, even if you didnit do the work. The assistant quickly spouts "Yeah, I did it on my Mac."

Scott Monroe

Good ears, Scott, and thanks for the note!

If you have of a Mac Sighting, let us know.