Ametecon To Defend Title In Cosmic Encounter 2004 League

Future Pastimes has announced the dates for Cosmic Encounter online league play. Cosmic Encounter is an online gaming community where battles for supremacy occur daily. Amatecon, winner of the 2003 league will defend his title against new aliens and players. According to Future Pastimes:

2004 Cosmic Encounter Online League Starts Thursday Feb. 19th. The designers at Future Pastimes announced the start of the 2004 Cosmic Encounter Online League.

Cosmic Encounter Online is a live micro multi-player game where players each become a different alien locked in a series of short (30 minute) contests to dominate the cosmos. Instant player ranking, which resets monthly, provides the Cosmic metagame by ranking players, aliens and bots by day, month and year.

All subsequent league games will be held on Thursday Evenings at 9:00 PM EST.

The 2003 Cosmic League Winner iAmatecon" will be defending his title. The 2004 Cosmic Encounter Online League will feature four new aliens (VOID, HEALER, MARTIAN, MUTANT)that have been developed since the 2003 league ended.

You can find more information about the 2004 league at the at the Cosmic Encounter Online Web site. Memberships basically start at US$2.50 per week depending on membership scheme.