An Appetite For Destruction: Alera Tech Shipping New Disc Shredder

Alera Technologies is now shipping the DVD/CD Shredder Plus. The DVD/CD Shredder Plus is an appliance designed for completely destroying various forms of physical media including DVDs and Credit Cards. The shredder features carbon steel blades for complete HIPAA compliant destruction. According to Alera Technologies:

Alera Technologies, developer and manufacturer of Advanced DVD and CD Recording Solutions announced today that it is launching its new DVD/CD Shredder Plus, the ultimate media destruction device that cuts DVDs, CDs, Floppy Disks and Credit Cards into small unusable strips, permanently preventing unauthorized use and it is HIPAA compliant.

With carbon steel blades and 1/2 horsepower motor, this industrial strength product is designed specifically for shredding DVDs, CDs and Floppy’s. The DVD/CD Shredder Plus is equipped with a unique automatic start/stop feature and a 4 gallon receptacle to catch the pieces.

You can find more information about the DVD/CD Shredder Plus at the Alera Technologies Web site. The DVD/CD Shredder Plus is available for US$99.99.