Analog, Meet Digital. Digital, Analog.

Dazzle Multimedia has announced a new product that allows user to capture images from either an analog or digital source and combine them in the same file. The DV-Bridge not only allows users to capture video from both sources, but to publish it in either a digital or video format. According to Dazzle:

The DV-Bridge makes it fast, easy and economical to end the hassles of analog/DV video incompatibility.

A FireWire-based solution, DV-Bridge allows Mac users to capture older analog video content, mix it with new DV video, edit it and output it in either DV or analog format.

DV-Bridge makes the task of moving video content between camcorders, video tape recorders and Macs a snap. When combined with an iMac or iBook system, even casual videographers can professionally edit and distribute old and new movies, video presentations, training/education name it.

Find out more by meeting with the people who can explain it best at MacWorld in Special Interest Boulevard Booth #4700.

The Dazzle DV-Bridge is available for US$299. You can find more information at the Dazzle Multimedia web site.