Analyst: Rumored Purchase of Nintendo By Apple is 'Pretty Crazy'

DFC Intelligence president David Cole on Monday told GameDailyis James Brightman that recent speculation regarding Apple purchasing Nintendo "does sound pretty crazy." He added: "If you consider that Nintendo was considered sort of the loser in the last generation, and now theyive got the opportunity to go into a new generation and restart their market share... clearly, it might not be the best time from their side to be looking to sell."

He pointed out, however, that if Nintendois new Wii console flops, "then maybe youid start talking more about those types of rumors, but clearly itis very speculative." He said that the rumors likely started because "companies are always talking with each other... which can lead to rumors and speculation. It just goes on all the time. The chance of something actually getting finalized is a totally different ballgame."

Regarding rumors that Apple is going to start publishing iPod games, which are what seemed to lead into the Apple-Nintendo merger speculation, Mr. Cole said that he "wouldnit be terribly surprised" if Apple did so.