Analyst Sees Demand for G5 After Shortages

An analyst with Cross Research is saying that Apple will continue to see "pent-up demand" for Macs with G5, including next weekis iMac G5 introduction, even after supply problems for the processor are solved by IBM. The comments come in a Reuters report on Appleis stock hitting an almost four-year high today. From the article:

"Tomorrow youive got HP doing their consumer electronics launch and the HP iPod launch, and next week thereis the introduction of the new iMac," said Shannon Cross, an analyst at Cross Research.

Although Appleis introduction of the iMac had been delayed due to International Business Machines manufacturing problems with the G5 chip, Cross said Apple is well-positioned for growth.

"Even if they have issues with availability of chips in the near-term due to IBM, thereis remarkable demand," she said. "Obviously, at some point the chip issue is going to be resolved and youill be left with a good amount of pent-up demand."

There is more in the full article about Appleis recent stock movement. AAPL closed today at 34.66, up 1.61 (4.87%), on heavy volume of 17,070,320 shares trading hands.

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