Analyst Warns Of iMac Shortage

Merrill Lynch analyst, Steve Fortuna, sent up red flags Wednesday after posting the results of his research into current and projected iMac production numbers and seeing a large shortage of iMacs looming. C/NET News.Com reports:

In a midday research note, analyst Steven Fortuna said information from the companyis Taiwan analyst suggests that production levels for February will be somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 units, similar to the 5,000 units it estimates were produced in January.

"Our forecast for the (current) quarter calls for 200,000 units, which would mean a lot of units need to be produced in March," Fortuna said.

Apple stock took a hit after the report surfaced, falling $1.65 to $22.02 per share Wednesday, and is currently around $21.60 today (Thursday. 2/28/02).

Read the full article, Analyst: New iMacs slow in coming, at C/NETis News.Com site.