Analysts Optimistic About Apple Financial Report

Analysts expect Apple to please investors with its fourth quarter financial results Tuesday afternoon, according to a BusinessWeek report. Continued growth in the iPod market plays a big part in Appleis growth, and analysts from Thompson Financial are speculating earnings of US$0.37 per share, up from Appleis projected $0.32 per share.

Investors are already looking to next quarter, where they feel that Apple can exceed expectations again, as long as iPod supplies meet the demand. According to Bear Stearns analyst, Andrew Neff, "the key remains Appleis ability to deliver enough upside to its results against a rising tide of investor expectations."

Apple is in a strong position moving into the first fiscal quarter of 2006. It currently controls about 80 percent of the online music market, and has sold over 500 million tracks on the iTunes Music Store, and over 22 million iPods. Demand for the iBook and PowerBook is also on the rise.

Apple shares rose more than 45 percent this quarter, over 66 percent this year. Apple stock is currently trading at 51.069, up .699 (1.39%).

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